a streamlined, recyclable and cost-effective product for

Packing & Shipping


what is pallet tower?

A New Way Pack & Ship Your Material

With Pallet Tower, growers and distributors in the plant industry can minimize the cost, headache and risk of packing and shipping live plant material. Designed to be equal parts portable, lightweight, recyclable and sturdy, Pallet Tower is a product that helps streamline both your packing and shipping processes into a single shipment system.

Pallet Tower enables the palletization of plants for easier transport and use of common carrier shipping. By reducing the amount of manpower required to load and unload trucks AND maximizing truck loads to their fullest potential, our customers using Pallet Tower have seen both logistical efficiency gain and cost savings within the first quarter of product adoption.


customize your towers

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A Recyclable Design for Scalable Use


designed for improved deliverability of your live plant material

Pallet Tower is one of the only non-return pallet products on the market for the plant industry. With its lightweight, recyclable and easy-to-assemble design, Pallet Tower tops the charts as one of the most cost effective shipping products, enabling speedier logistics and operational scalability.

Keeping evolving industry standards top-of-mind, our team of engineers and plant experts have joined forces to innovate a new solution to the challenges many nurseries, growers and re-wholesalers face when packing and shipping live plant material.

Learn more about the way Pallet Tower was designed with deliverability in mind from the very beginning. Read on!


a rising demand for smart shipping

In 2017, the US saw three consecutive quarters of 3% GDP growth, a first since 2005. In turn, spot market van loads have shown a steady YoY increase since 2016. Additionally, the ELD mandate (electronic logs) is starting to wield its power via small carrier capacity crunches. Industry analysts predict a period of elevated rates in a “new normal” era of freight transportation. (Source: DAT)

what does this mean for you?

Well, let’s break it down… with the last two years of load-to-truck ratios, spot market rates and contract rates for van freight ALL rising, it’s critical small distributors and manufacturers learn to ship wisely. Stretching their dollar, borrowing long-adopted public carrier practices and standardizing shipping processes is going to be key. Pallet Tower is the ticket to staying competitive in this new game of goods transportation.

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