Each level is comprised of a standard GMA pallet that can be reused or resold by the recipient. The corner posts are a composite post-consumer recycled paper/plastic product. Bracing can be made from a similar material or lumber based on your needs.


Non-Return Shipping Method

There is no need to coordinate a truck to return to the end-user to pickup used racks! Also, the end-user does not need to allocate space on their property to hold racks awaiting pickup.


 Cost Savings

Pallets are a commodity, which brings inherent savings to the system – your local pallet manufacturer already is making them by the 1000’s!

Design & Customization

With no pre-determined heights for each level, Pallet Tower is 100% customizable to the specific plants on each level. This maximizes space within the truck by eliminating dead-space between levels.

Assembly & Tear-Down

Two men can easily build a tower in under 5 minutes without any special jigs, and under 3 minutes when using a jig. To break down the towers, a hammer and prybar makes quick work of disassembly – the pallets get stacked for re-sale or re-use and the corners/bracing gets recycled.

Common Carrier-Friendly

By utilizing the standard GMA pallet (40” x 48”), truckloads are maximized and carriers know how to handle the product. Standardization means simplicity, which is attractive in a competitive trucking market.